Get excited because this lineup is incredible! Below you’ll find the summit schedule and access links.

Each day’s sessions begins at 5 am EST/11 am CET. They expire after 24 hours.

Also join us each day at noon EST / 6:00 pm CET for a LIVE Zoom call to get your questions answered, connect with some of the speakers, and have a chance to win some prizes!

Note about the Calendar links: Google Calendar seems not to be adjusting them to your time zone, you are going to see they are live from 11 am CET for 24 hours. Please adjust it to your time zone manually or just make a mental note of when they go live in your time zone!

Sunday, March 26th

Day 1: Monday, March 27th

Pregnancy, Birth and Matrescence

  • Bonding Can Begin Before Birth with Dr. Raylene Phillips – Calendar link
  • Birth Trauma: What Can Professionals Do to Support Parents with  Dr. Erin Bowe – Calendar link
  • Transforming Fear of Birth Into Confidence with Nadine Richardson – Calendar link
  • Matrescence: The Transformation of Becoming and Being a Mother with Nikki McCahon – Calendar link

Day 2: Tuesday, March 28th

Creating the Ideal Environment for Transformation

  • The Art of Holding Space for New Parents with Dr. Heather Plett – Calendar link
  • Parenthood as a Catalyst to Maturation with  Nicky Clinch – Calendar link
  • Cultivating Maternal Wellness to Prevent Postpartum Depression with Hope Corbin – Calendar link
  • Parenthood: A Rite of Passage with Katie Asmus and Haaweatea Holly Bryson – Calendar link

Day 3: Wednesday, March 29th

Breaking Current Barriers to Parental Thriving

  • Spotting Patriarchal Motherhood and What to Do About It with Dr. Sophie Brock – Calendar Link
  • How to Support Families with Sleep While Prioritizing Attachment and Responsive Feeding with Lyndsey Hoowkay – Calendar Link
  • What is Good for Babies: Evaluating Research and Baselines with Professor Darcia Narvaez – Calendar Link
  • The New Frontier of Maternal Health Care: A Biosocial Approach with Kimberly Ann Johnson – Calendar Link
  • Opinions vs. Physiologic Design: What Babies and Mothers Need to Thrive with Rachelle Garcia Seliga – Calendar Link

Day 4: Thursday, March 30th

The Potential of the Parental Brain

  • Nurturing the Parent Brain with Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum – Calendar Link
  • How Parental Empathy Shapes Child Development with Dr. Laura Markham – Calendar Link
  • Understanding Mother Hunger with Kelly McDaniel- Calendar Link
  • Igniting Intuition in Parents with Julia Jones – Calendar Link
  • Using Science to Help Parents Attune to Their Child’s Sleep with Dr. Laura Gainche – Calendar Link
  • Noon EST / 6 pm CET Live Closing Call with Rocio. Password: summit. Don’t miss this call if you want keep learning about the parental brain! Also, I will award the Grand Prize! Reminder of what it is? A full scholarship to my Parental Brain Course for Professionals (regular price 499 EUR). Only All Access Pass holders have a chance to win!

Day 5: Friday, March 31st at noon EST/6 pm CET

Post-Summit Event

Masterclass with Rocio: How the Parental Brain Works. Learn about the principles that govern how the parental brain wires and develops. Zoom link password: summit

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