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Each day’s sessions begins at 5 am EST. They expire after 24 hours, except for the Day 5 Retreat, those will be available for 48 hours! 

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Kickoff Call – Monday March 11th


March 12th

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Overview of Day 1 with Rocio WATCH HERE

Day 1: Protecting Pregnancy and Birth 

-Top 10 tips for a Positive Unmedicated Hospital Birth with Tracy Donegan, Midwife WATCH NOW
-Accessing Infant Memory for Trauma Recovery in Adults, Children, and Infants with Dr. Annie Brook, Somatic Author and Educator WATCH NOW
-The Art and Science of Mindful Parenting Beginning Before Birth with Dr. Antonella Sansone, Integrative Clinical & Health Psychologist and Author WATCH NOW
-Supporting Parents in the Aftermath of Birth Trauma with Alexandra Heath, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Founder & Director of TBR College WATCH NOW
-Early Imprints: How our experiences of conception and birth influence the rest of our lives with Dr. Tara Blasco, Director of the BEBA clinic WATCH NOW 

March 13th

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Overview of Day 2 with Rocio WATCH HERE

Day 2: Creating the Ideal Environment for Transformation

-Making Postpartum Sacred: An initiation into conscious living and parenting with Christine Devlin Eck, Co-Creator and Director of the Center for Sacred Window Studies WATCH NOW
-Walking the Wild Feminine Landscape in Matrescence with Tami Lynn Kent, Women’s Health Physical Therapist WATCH NOW
-Postpartum Nutrition: Thriving in motherhood  with Maranda Bower, Postpartum Nutrition Specialist WATCH NOW 
-The Four Foundations of Birth Psychology: An exploration of body-mind-spirit parenting with Christianna Deichmann, Education Director at the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health WATCH NOW
-Common Postpartum Pelvic Patterns with Lynn Schulte, Physical Therapist WATCH NOW 

March 14th

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Overview of Day 3 with Rocio WATCH HERE

Day 3: Navigating Challenges to Create Change

-Beneath the Surface: Mapping and breaking the anger-guilt trap in motherhood with Dr. Sophie Brock, Motherhood Studies Sociologist WATCH NOW
-Getting to the Heart of Black Maternal Health Crisis: A closer look at preeclampsia with Dr. Nastassia Harris, Executive Director at Perinatal Health Equity Initiative WATCH NOW
-How Perinatal Professionals Can Navigate the World of Baby Registries with Kaitlin McGreyes, Doula and Founder of BeHerVillage WATCH NOW
-A New Beginning: Attachment research in the Arab world with Dr. Nour Zaki, Assistant Professor of Psychology, American University in Cairo (AUC) WATCH NOW
-Building Stronger Communities: Why your role as a community professional is important with Quanisha McGruder, Full Spectrum Doula, Doula Trainer and Educator WATCH NOW

March 15th

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Overview of Day 4 with Rocio WATCH HERE

Day 4: Nurturing the Infant and Parental Brain

-Nourishing Babies with the Practice of Attuned Touch Dr. Aline LaPierre, Founder and Director of the Neuroaffective Touch Institute WATCH NOW
-How to Coach Parents to Grow Emotional Intelligence with Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum, Neuroscientist, Doula and Author WATCH NOW
-The Nature Of Babies with Gayle Berry, Nurture Expert WATCH NOW
-Into the Mind of our Child: The science of empathy with Kiva Schuler, Founder & CEO of the Jai Institute for Parenting WATCH NOW
-Thriving Parenthood: A journey to sustainable self-care for joyful families with Katie Connolly, Somatic Parenting Coach WATCH NOW
-The Science Behind the Eight Principles of Parenting with Art Yuen, Executive Director at Nurturings WATCH NOW

Bonus Day 

March 16th 

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Day 5 Retreat: Self-care for Professionals

-Harmony Within: Stimulating the vagus nerve for equilibrium and empowerment with Dena Tibsherany, Motherhood Therapist, Coach, & Podcast Host WATCH NOW
-Somatic Practices for the Empathic Practitioner with Briar Culbert, Registered Psychotherapist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher WATCH NOW
-BodyMind Meditation & Drum Journey on the Theme of the Earth Element with Ria Keller, BodyMind Maturation Coach, Postpartum Doula WATCH NOW
-Yin Yoga: Heart focused practice with Brenda Hardy, Physiotherapist WATCH NOW 

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