Potentiate your transformation with the power of your parental brain.

A coaching program into the wonders of your parental brain

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Get to know your parental brain!

Science has shown us that an extensive brain network called "the global parental caregiving network" activates and rewires in our parenting journey. However, the rewiring of it is not automatic. Our brain needs to be exposed to the right conditions!

In my coaching program, you will get the resources, support, and tools to maximize the power of your parental brain so that you can be the parent you need to be for your unique child.

Program Format

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The Parental Brain Science

Educational videos on parental brain science.

Coaching Sessions

Six coaching sessions where I will guide you to apply parental brain science in your life


Downloadable PDFs with the science and all the exercises and tools we cover in the coaching sessions.


A private Facebook group where you will meet like-minded parents, ask questions and share your experiences in between coaching sessions.

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Breakdown on the program

Educational videos on parental brain science

Each week, you will get access to short, easy to digest videos going over the latest research in parental brain science. You will learn about the changes that occur in the parental brain during pregnancy and beyond, what experiences shape the parental brain, how the parental brain regulates the infant brain via biobehavioral synchrony and attachment and what is the role of oxytocin in shaping our experience. You will also learn about alloparents and why it is important to have a support network.

Coaching session 1: A celebration of matrescence and patrescence

In this introductory session, we will meet each other. We will do an introductory meditation. We will have a parental brain awakening ceremony that will welcome your new emerging self. We will do reflective exercises that will guide you to discover the new you.

Coaching session 2: Committing to your baby and your values

Through a series of reflective exercises, you will bring to the surface your parenting values and discover your priorities. You will find out and share how you want to symbolize your commitment to your child.

Coaching session 3: Nervous system care

Guided meditation. You will learn how to take care of your nervous system via top-down and bottom-up practices. You will come out of the session with the knowledge of how to create a highly personal weekly nervous system care practice.

Coaching session 4: Creating your support network

You will come out with tools and ideas to create your support network in person and/or virtual. Part of your support network are also people that take care of your baby, these are alloparents. You will find out how to choose a daycare/caregiver and also how to help your baby form an attachment with a new caregiver.

Coaching session 5: Getting to know your baby

You will learn and practice exercises to fine-tune the empathy network in your parental brain. This sets the basis for secure attachment formation, which as you may have heard: it is crucial for a range of future outcomes from stress resilience to parenting the next generation in your lineage!

Coaching session 6: Parenting during challenging situations

Two of the challenges in parenting are infant sleep and supporting big emotions in toddlers. You will come out of this session with tools to help you navigate those difficult moments with resilience and from a place of well-being.


Guide for alloparents

This is a handout that can help you inform the alloparents in your family (e.g., grandparents, aunts, uncles, other caregivers) about the latest research about the infant, the parental brain and their own brain! It is also a guide to explore what legacy they want to leave, tips to support you, and a guide to explore their own history.

Program Schedule

The program goes from May 25th to June 29th, 2023. The coaching sessions will be every Thursday at 6:00 pm Central European Time (noon Eastern Time). They will last approximately 1 hour. Recordings will be available if you can´t make it live.


After this program, you will

About the Author


I’m Rocío (pronounced Roseeo).

I am a mom; I have a Ph.D. in neuroscience and have worked in academic labs for over 10 years.  I have recently left academia, and now I am dedicated to supporting families and their infants. For more on my education and journey, read here.

I think is crucial that all parents and society gain knowledge about the parental brain and what are the conditions that it can thrive. 

It is my hope that with this program you will embrace the profound transformation that you are going through, gain access to your parental wisdom and parent from a place of well-being and confidence.

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