BodyMind Meditation & Drum Journey on the Theme of the Earth Element

Ria Keller

In this session, Ria will lead you through a 15 minutes powerful drum meditation to connect with the replenishing energy of the Earth.

She chose the Earth element because is very related to our caregiving services to parents and babies. The Earth is our mother, it is grounding, receiving, nourishing, and we can let ourselves be held by it. Get ready to receive all this from the Earth while you listen to Ria and her drum. 

Ria Keller is a BodyMind Maturation Coach, Postpartum Doula, Childhood development and care Professional and Chef.

She offers unique spaces for maturation coaching, trauma healing, conscious conception & pregnancy, and postpartum care. She is committed to diving deep into peoples emotional and behavioural patterns so they can heal at the root of their repeating struggles and problems. It is her vision to hold safe spaces that allow the wildness of life to return to thriving.

She lives in Northern Ireland with her Partner and 2 boys.


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