Building Stronger Communities: Why your role as a community professional is important

Quanisha McGruder

You will learn:

  • How the work of doulas contribute to the strength and well-being of communities
  • How to effectively advocate for and address the unique needs of diverse populations within the community
  • How to navigate challenges or resistance within communities when introducing or expanding the role of community professionals like doulas

My name is Quanisha McGruder, I am a full-spectrum doula providing support throughout the fertility, birth, and postpartum stages and a doula trainer with my organization called Doula University.

In addition to my doula role, I hold certifications as an Infant and Family Sleep Specialist and a licensed massage therapist. Through hands-on experience supporting families during vulnerable moments, training other doulas, and drawing from my background in childcare, CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), and personal research on dreams, sleep, infants, and diverse family styles, I bring a comprehensive perspective to my work.


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