Overview Day 4:
Nurturing the Infant and Parental Brain

Rocio Zunini, PhD

Not sure if you want to attend the Parental Brain Summit?

In today’s talks you will learn about the importance of attuned touch for babies and the power of nature for baby’s development and bonding. You will also learn about empathy and how it develops and why is so important when parenting. You will learn about regulating techniques for parents for in the moment challenges as well as long term emotion regulation. And finally, learn about the universal principles that govern developmental thriving. 

These brief overview will show what day 4  is all about so that you don’t waste your time!  The talks are free for the next 24 hour. Watch this overview and decide whether your want to attend!

Ready to Attend?

I´m Rocio, a brain lover and a mom of two. When I experienced the transformation that motherhood is, I became increasingly passionate and captivated by all the brain changes that accompany this powerful transition. It turns out that these neuroplastic changes are driven by powerful biological mechanisms especially designed to attune to our babies, and to respond to them sensitively and appropriately so that they can thrive. 

We not only give birth to a baby, we also give birth to the knowledge within us! However, just like our baby’s brain need an appropiate environment to thrive, so does our parental brain, which is always growing, evolving and adapting to the beautiful and challenging experience of parenthood. 

My goal with this summit is to bring together experts that can bring clarity to professionals that support families so that they guide their clients towards a transformation with confidence and sensibility.

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