Into the Mind of our Child: The science of empathy

Kiva Schuler

You will learn:

  • How children develop empathy
  • What happens in the brain as empathy develops
  • What happens when parenting lacks empathy
  • How to help your clients embrace empathy during the early years

Kiva Schuler is the Founder and CEO of The Jai Institute for Parenting, and the author of the ground-breaking book The Peaceful Parenting (R)evolution: Changing the World by Changing How We Parent which examines the “consequences” of traditional parenting methods and offers a more modern approach grounded in emotional intelligence, values-led leadership, and effective communication.

Kiva’s passion for parenting stemmed from her own childhood experiences of neglect and trauma. Like many of her generation, she had a front-row seat to the kind of parenting that she did not want for her own children. The Jai Institute is the fulfillment of a promise that she made to herself when she was 16 years old that when she had children of her own, she would learn to parent them with compassion, consistency and communication.

On a mission to change the culture around parenting, Kiva wants children to grow up to reach their full potential, and live their lives free of trauma, shame and emotional wounds. As a mother, she has built an extraordinary business that has touched tens of thousands of lives, and empowered others who share her mission to do this work.


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Group Facilitation Mastery

Facilitating clients in a group setting brings a unique set of challenges AND opportunities!

In this powerful course, Kiva Schuler, the founder of The Jai Institute for Parenting and Katie Owen, Jai Master Trainer, will share their decades of experience facilitating groups so that you’ll be better able to navigate:

– Interpersonal dynamics within your groups
– The (deeply uncomfortable) experience of holding space for a dysregulated participant with an audience
– Holding boundaries and creating engagement (for those who take up ALL the space, and those who take up NONE!)

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