Thriving Parenthood: A journey to sustainable self-care for joyful families

Katie Connolly

You will learn:

  • How to guide parents towards sustainable and joyful self-care
  • How knowledge of the nervous system and somatic practices contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of self-care
  • The important somato-emotional experiences for overall well-being
  • Practices that parents can engage in support their ability to provide attuned touch
  •  How fascia and meridians contribute to somato-emotional experiences

Katie was given the gift of breathwork and meditation as a child, and discovered Somatic tools to move through experiences as they happened. She attributes this to her resilience, and has been sharing these tools with families and educators for over 12 years to promote wellbeing, and end unhealthy systemic patterns.

Katie is a Speaker, Expert Registered Yoga Teacher, Craniosacral Practitioner, Masters of Counselling Candidate, and founded a Registered Children’s Yoga School to teach adults tools to support children and youth. Katie has received many awards, to include the Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient for her Children’s Yoga Cards.


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