Harmony Within: Stimulating the vagus nerve for equilibrium and empowerment

Dena Tibsherany

In this session, Dena will lead you through a 15 minutes soft belly breathing practice and progressive muscle relaxation to calm your nervous system and streghten your vagus nerve. The practice starts at around 4 minutes if you want to fast forward.

Dena Tibsherany is a mother and an empowerment based motherhood therapist, coach, and podcast host. She is a licensed masters level social worker certified in perinatal mental health.

Dena serves her community through speaking events, holding sacred space for mothers to heal and grow together, providing therapy, and through her online postpartum preparation courses.

Dena has devoted the past 16 years of her life to empowering people on their healing journeys through her work as a social worker, therapist, speaker, program developer, director, podcast host, and motherhood coach. She believes that mothers hold the unique power and ability to create healing not only for themselves, but for future generations.


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