The Science Behind the Eight Principles of Parenting

Art Yuen

You will learn:

  • The eight principles of parenting and how they differ from other parenting techniques
  • The 4 universal routines and 3 universal resources that organize the principles
  • Ways parents can practice different touch intentions with each other
  • Practices that parents can engage in support their ability to provide attuned touch


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Select research related to the Eight Principles of Parenting 

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Art became Nurturings Executive Director in 2022 after serving as Knowledge Coordinator for 10 years. As Knowledge Coordinator she led literature scans, searches and reviews of research supporting API’s Eight Principles of Parenting, program development, fundraising and strategy.

She also led the active API NYC parent group for 10 years, organizing meetings and events and moderating an online group of 2,000 parents (pre-social media) and held other roles at Nurturings. 

She holds a BSBA in Finance and Accounting and lives in NYC with her husband and two children.


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