The Art and Science of Mindful Parenting Beginning Before Birth

Dr. Antonella Sansone

You will learn:

  • The importance of bonding with baby in utero

  • The qualities and human values that Antonella observed in her field studies and how they inspired her work

  • Findings from her pilot study about her prenatal and perinatal mindfulness relationship based program

  • The relationship between mindfulness, maternal mental health and mother-baby relationship


Sansone, A. & Stapleton, P. (2023). A qualitative investigation of a prenatal mindfulness relationship-based (PMRB) program to support maternal mental health and mother-baby relationship during pregnancy and post-birth: A thematic analysis. Under review for publication in Mindfulness

Sansone, A., & Stapleton, P. (2023). Investigating the value of mindfulness to support maternal mental health and mother-infant relationship during pregnancy and post-birth. A literature review. Under review for publication in The Journal of Infant Mental Health.

Sansone, A., Stapleton, P., & Patching, P (2023). Investigating associations between antenatal mindfulness, maternal mental health, and mother-infant relationship during pregnancy and post-partum, in particular emotional availability, in a community sample. To be submitted for publication.

Antonella is a mother and a doctor in Clinical Psychology, mindfulness teacher/facilitator, developmental infant massage teacher, author and artist. She holds a Master’s Degree (Tavistock Clinic, University of East London).

 She is a paradigm shifter and advocate in the field of early parenting from before conception to infancy, prenatal and perinatal mental health, mindfulness, mother-infant relationship prior and post-birth. She has a special interest in the impact of the pre/perinatal period on human development and health, consciousness, integration of primal wisdom and science, psychosomatics, and mind-body approaches to health, prevention and healing. 

One of her main goals is connecting the academic world with the lay community and implementing services that promote evolution of human virtues and consciousness, wellbeing, peace and life sustainability on our planet. 


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