Accessing Infant Memory for Trauma Recovery in Adults, Children, and Infants

Dr. Annie Brook

You will learn:

  • How early experience encode into beliefs and behaviors of infants, children, and adults

  • How accessing infant pre-cognitive memory play a crucial role in trauma recovery

  • Ways to access these memories and what qualities do we bring to the sessions as therapists


Annie Brook, Ph.D., LPC, is a world-class healer for birth trauma and babies. Her books help train therapists, as well as educate parents on how to help their children and how to recover post-birth. Annie knows this work from the inside out, was born premature, and dedicated her life to helping people resolve infant trauma.

She has worked in hospitals, trauma centers, public schools, mental health clinics and has run her own practice for over 45 years, where she helps infants to adults and families. Her passion is sharing body tools that heal.

Annie knows how to access infant pre-cognitive memory to help children and adult clients heal shock after a difficult birth. Annie founded The Brook Institute where she trains therapists and offers an MA or Ph.D in Somatics, including Birth Trauma Healing


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State of the Art guide to really understand and treat birth trauma (available in Spanish and Russian as well as English). Volume 1 has the “situations” an infant may experience during prenatal, birth and post-birth circumstances, plus 10 case studies treating children and adults.

Volume 2 has psychological and body-supportive theory, interventions and treatment; including how to set up your office as a practitioner if you wish to support others to heal from birth trauma.

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