The Parental Brain 101 for Professionals that Support Parents and Babies

A masterclass for those who want to cultivate the space needed for parents to blossom into who they are meant to be 

Hosted by Rocio Zunini, PhD

Neuroscientist and Mother

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What Alumni are Saying

I will definitely be able to apply all the information I’ve learned in my day-to-day practice as a pediatrician. I would 100% recommend this course. This course was so interesting. Rocío explains the research with simple words, very easy to understand, even if it was in English and I’m a Spanish speaker. The course is based on scientific evidence and it has an applied research part on each topic. Thanks Rocío for sharing all your wisdom.
Dr Anna
Pediatrician (www.annaestape.com)
I cannot say enough good things about Rocio's Parental Brain course. It is well put together, concise, and full of useful information. Not only does Rocio gather and explain the research around parent-baby neuroscience, she also makes it easy to implement. She provides helpful guides to use with clients and discusses ways to apply the research in our practice. If you work with parent-baby dyads in any capacity, Rocio's course is an absolute must-have! Thanks Rocio!!
Infant Sleep Specialist (www.newparadigmmotherhood.podia.com)
The Parental Brain course was everything I expected and more. On both a personal and professional level, I grew so much. After having premature babies, and holding a lot of guilt around their start to life - the information Rocio shared was such a vindication and so healing for me. On top of that, I have so much to share with parents I'm working with - and I know that clients will receive so much more value after everything that Rocio taught us. Although parts can get technical, we always felt comfortable asking Rocio for clarification, and she made really complicated things so much more simple. I would recommend this course to any professional working with parents - this information is quite literally life changing ❤️
Hand and Hand Parenting Instructor (www.consciousconfidentparenting.co.za/)
This course is truly life changing. I think that this course would benefit any practitioner working with parents, and is impactful for even their own knowledge. As a professional who works intimately with families, the focus is often solely on the baby- making changes, optimizing sleep, and looking as things holistically but even still the parents are often “second”. With Rocio’s course and information I am thrilled to have the tools, strategies and knowledge to empower parents with tangible ways to nurture their own brains and well-being while responsively parenting their little ones. I’m thrilled to have had this opportunity and would encourage anyone considering this course to take the leap!
Infant Sleep Specialist (www.raisedtoflourish.com)

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