The Parental Brain Method WORKSHOP

How to detect parenting advice that does not serve you and your infant

You want the very best for your infant, but there is so much advice out there from experts, books, and social media that deciding what is best for your family can be confusing and overwhelming.

The good news: you have a superpower!

Science has shown us that an extensive brain network called "the global parental caregiving network" activates when we become parents. This is your superpower, and I teach you how to take advantage of it!

Workshop Format

What you will learn: The Method

Step 1. Filter parenting advice through your parental caregiving network

Through a series of reflective questions, you will learn how to filter parenting advice through each of the 4 subnetworks that are part of your parental brain: the "in love" network, the "protective" network, the emotion regulation network and the empathy network.

Step 2. Bring in your knowledge about infant development

You will learn the two fundamental pieces of knowledge about infant development that must be integrated with the power of your parental brain to filter parenting advice appropriately.

Step 3. Summon your parenting values

Through a series of reflective exercises, you will bring to the surface your parenting values and then summon them when making a decision about parenting advice.

Step 4. Integrate

Here, you will integrate steps 1 to 3 and will decide with crystal clear vision whether to follow or not the parenting advice in question.

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Access to the live recordings

You can't attend in person or want to re-watch the classes? You will have 10 day access to the recordings.

A workbook

A fillable PDF workbook with the four steps and an example on how apply the Parental Brain Method.

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After this workshop, you will

About the Author


I’m Rocío (pronounced Roseeo).

I am a mom; I have a Ph.D. in neuroscience and have worked in academic labs for over 10 years.  I have recently left academia, and now I am dedicated to supporting families and their infants. For more on my education, read here.

I have been listening to you A LOT. I know how confusing and overwhelming parenting an infant can be in this day and age. I know how afraid you are of making the wrong parenting decision. I know how agonizing it can be to go back and forth about whether to follow or not particular parenting advice. Fear no more! With the Parental Brain Method, I will give the resources that you need to start taking advantage of your superpowers and make decisions with unwavering confidence!

After this workshop, you will gain access to your parental wisdom and never look back when deciding about parenting advice.

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