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Several speakers have generously contributed a premium resource, so that you can continue to deepen your learning journey. These resources are typically sold for $11 to $297 but are included in the Resource Vault of your purchase of The All-Access Pass! 

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Ebooks: Birth’s Hidden Legacy Volume 1 and 2

Dr. Annie Brook, Somatic Author and Educator

State of the Art guide to really understand and treat birth trauma (available in Spanish and Russian as well as English).

Volume 1 has the “situations” an infant may experience during prenatal, birth and post-birth circumstances, plus 10 case studies treating children and adults.

Volume 2 has psychological and body-supportive theory, interventions and treatment; including how to set up your office as a practitioner if you wish to support others to heal from birth trauma.

Regular Price: $167

Group Facilitation Mastery

Kiva Schuler, founder of the Jai Institute for Parenting

Facilitating clients in a group setting brings a unique set of challenges AND opportunities!

In this powerful course, Kiva Schuler, the founder of The Jai Institute for Parenting and Katie Owen, Jai Master Trainer, will share their decades of experience facilitating groups so that you’ll be better able to navigate:

– Interpersonal dynamics within your groups
– The (deeply uncomfortable) experience of holding space for a dysregulated participant with an audience
– Holding boundaries and creating engagement (for those who take up ALL the space, and those who take up NONE!)

Regular Price: $197

Bring Relief With Your Debrief Online Course

Alexandra Heath, Founder & Director of TBR College

A foundational listening course that goes beyond active listening.

What you will learn:

  • The value of setting expectation and agenda ahead of any listening session.
  • The neurobiology of perinatal trauma and how to avoid re-traumatising parents sharing their story.
  • The phenomena of gaslighting and why this is so prevalent with medical debriefs.
  • How to re-focus attention away from the past and avoid re-traumatising parents.
  • How to manage empathy and engage compassion when listening to trauma.
  • How a solution focused approach can promote parents natural recovery from trauma.


Regular Price: $297


The Liberating Motherhood Experience – self-paced program for professionals 

Dr. Sophie Brock

The Liberating Motherhood Experience is a short self-paced program where you’ll learn why we need to go beyond treating the symptoms of patriarchal motherhood – including burnout, guilt, anger and depletion – to understand the root social cause. The mini-program shares the revolutionary potential of bringing the lens of the ‘social’ into your life and your work within motherhood-support.

Regular Price: $97

Ebook: Supporting families to integrate their birth experiences. The BEBA clinic retrospective study

Tara Blasco Ph.D, Director of the BEBA clinic

In 2020 a retrospective study was undertaken examining 27 years of family sessions conducted at the BEBA Family Clinic in California. Co-directors Ray Castellino, DC and Tara Blasco, PhD assembled a team of researchers who designed an online quantitative survey that could be followed by a qualitative interview.

This book describes the study, introduces both principles and practices utilized at the Clinic, and presents decades of research supporting the concepts underlying the organization’s philosophy. This information is intended to inform both the public and family care professionals who would like to incorporate child-centered care into their families and/or programs.

The results of the study are evidence of the profound healing effects that can benefit families in tangible, long lasting and at times astonishing ways. Parents can learn to slow down, listen and be present to the natural healing that is waiting to take place when children are acknowledged for their inherent wisdom.

Regular Price: $10

Sacred Window Cookbook: A Recipe Book for Postpartum Healing + Anytime!

Christine Devlin Eck, Co-Creator and Director of the Center for Sacred Window Studies

Food choices during the postpartum window can help or harm. During those first weeks, we have specific digestive needs that if not supported can lead to a number of avoidable imbalances and challenges. This Cookbook is full of DELICIOUS recipes by week postpartum that have been enjoyed by families and children too. A perfect way to support a postpartum person in your life, expand your kitchen skills and enjoy a meal that will nourish your body and soul.

Regular Price: $30

Birth Healing Summit 2023

Lynn Schulte, Founder of the Birth Healing Institute

Expand your knowledge, spark inspiration, and gather ideas that empower you to heal your postpartum clients.

Learn from 20 interviews from experts whose innovative leadership is creating a better future in postpartum care.

Regular Price: $147

Mindful Breastfeeding e-Book

Tracy Donegan, founder of Gentle Birth

The Mindful Breastfeeding book is the first breastfeeding resource to provide parents with tools to minimize the overwhelm and exhaustion that has become so normalised in today’s postpartum experience. Prepare to breastfeed mindfully and comfortably with confidence and competence.

Regular Price: $17

Seeing Birth From Babies Perspective

Christianna Deichmann, Education Director at the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH)

10+ engaging presentations, created by experts in the field of Birth Psychology, combined to provide an overview survey of basic principles and practices.

This content helps make the connection between the physical/biological aspects of birth and the psychological impact the birth experience has on conscious prenates, infants and adults.

Regular Price: $200

One month of Pro Partnership on BeHerVillage.com

Kaitlin McGreyes, Doula + Founder of BeHerVillage

Become a Pro Partner with BeHerVillage and turn your support for new parents into a baby shower gift! BeHerVillage is a gift registry for support, not stuff. We help parents find and fund the perinatal support they need. Join our platform and be part of the baby shower evolution.

Regular Price: $29/month

How to Nurture Your Changing Parent Brain Workshop

Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum, Neuroscientist and Author

Caregiving requires a lot of emotional and physical energy. Often, we find ourselves parenting from an empty cup, which makes it challenging to parent in the way we had envisioned for ourselves and our children. We often feel overwhelmed and our emotions are out of control.

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover a range of practical tools and techniques to refill your parent cup. 
  • Reduce reactivity and impatience so you can remain connected even during times of stress.
  • How to nurture connection when your baby is calm and alert.
  • Rewire your brains for resilience. Not only are you filling your cup, but you are learning to expand the size of your cup and the amount you can hold.
  • Nurture your stress system and learn how to return and repair when you become reactive.
  • Live in your values as a parent and align your actions with how you want to show up in relation to your children.


Regular Price: $37

Intro to Somatics & Breathwork in the glowWithin App

Katie Connolly, Somatic Parenting Coach

Learn practices to help you feel more calm in just 2 minutes
Explore age-appropriate (fun) breathwork tools to support children.

Understand how these tools are supportive with a brief bio lesson.

Access to interviews to learn more. Join our supportive community!

Regular Price: $11


Children’s Nonverbal Communication: The Six Relational Movements

Dr. Aline LaPierre, founder and director of The NeuroAffective Touch Institute

In this presentation flipbook you will learn about babies’ six relational movements.

Yield, push, reach, grasp, pull, release—the sequenced development of relational movements lay the nonverbal foundation for a child’s maturing neuro-emotional responses. Each relational movement expresses a need, which when met by the attuned responses of parents and caregivers, contributes to forming a child’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and energetic embodiment and capacity for connection.


Regular Price: $50

Birth Equity 101 Conference 

Dr. Nastassia Harris, Executive Director at Perinatal Health Equity Initiative

Gain exclusive access to an invaluable resource: recordings from the groundbreaking Birth Equity Conference 2023! Dive into a transformative course meticulously crafted for those ready to make a difference in combating the Black Maternal Health crisis.

Delve deep into insights shared by esteemed voices such as Dr. Karen Scott and Dr. Monica Mclemore, leading authorities in Black maternal health. Don’t just learn – take action! Join us today and be part of the solution.


Regular Price: $145

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What your colleagues are saying from last year's event

I'm really enjoying this summit Rocio. Your speakers are well chosen, and deeply informed. You've organized it beautifully, and given participants access to so much valuable information. I love your ideas about the parental brain and how it's changed by motherhood. I bought the pass today because I'm looking forward to digging in more - and I'm excited to learn more from you. Thanks for all your hard work. This is quite a feat!!!
Listening to all these amazing talks has really taken my doula work to another level. Absolutely loved every minute and a huge Thank you for putting this amazing summit together ❤️
It has given me lots of ideas of services and support our organisation could deliver, it has also empowered me with more information to share with parents and inspired me to continue with our work.
I really enjoyed getting to know more of all those women in research. Thanks for getting together so many awesome speakers, the program was diverse and super interesting. I have an even more holistic approach and more confidence
This was an amazing summit, highly recommended for all birth workers. There is so much amazing work being done all around the world to help improve our knowledge on how pregnancy birth and postpartum impacts our brains and our bodies.

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