The Parental Brain 1.0 Summit


Learn from experts that will help you transform your clients into the parents they want to be

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During this groundbreaking virtual conference, you will discover:

How parent's future transformations can be potentiated already during pregnancy.

How setting an ideal birth, labor and postpartum environment sets the foundations for a thriving parental brain.

What are some current societal problems that set parents up for lack of well-being and resiliency, how to avoid them and how to set parents up for a thriving journey. 

How a parent's empathy shapes a child's brain.

How to help parents during challenging sleep situations.

How understanding attachment wounds is essential to support parents in their journey.

How to nurture the parent brain.

And much more!

Whether you are a psychologist, midwife, doula, childbirth educator, infant sleep consultant,  parenting coach, or work supporting parents in any capacity, you play an important role in their journey and in helping them become the parents they want to be.  




20+ experts will give you tools and practices to unlock the potential in parents

Meet Your Host

Dr. Rocio Zunini, PhD

Hello everyone! I am Rocío, a brain science lover and mother of two!

Just like babies´ brains develop at an astonishing rate, so does the parental brain, growing, evolving and adapting to the beautiful and challenging experience of parenthood.

I created this summit to give you the knowledge and tools that will help you create a thriving environment for the parents you support so that they can reach their goals and you can deepen your sense of purpose in the valuable service you provide.

For professionals supporting parents

This is the first ever summit focused on the parental brain and what we can do to help it thrive. Every presentation is focused on some aspect that is important in the transition to parenthood, and how to apply it to your practice.

The Speakers

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for. Here are the amazing speakers you’ll learn from at the Parental Brain 1.0 Summit.

Pregnancy, Birth and Matrescence


Dr. Raylene Phillips
Neonatologist and APPPAH President

Bonding Can Begin Before Birth


Nadine Richardson
Mother and the founder of She Births®

Transforming Fear of Birth into Confidence


Dr. Erin Bowe
Clinical and Perinatal Psychologist

Birth Trauma: What Can Professionals Do to Support Parents

Nikki // Dear Mama Project

Nikki McCahon
Matrescence Educator and Womens Life Cycle Guide

Matrescence: the Transformation of Becoming and Being a Mother


Catherine Bell

Birth Cartographer

The Game of Birth

Creating the Ideal Environment for Transformation


Heather Plett
Author and Coach

The Art of Holding Space for New Parents

Nicky Clinch CC_97I7765

Nicky Clinch
Master Maturation Facilitator

Parenthood as a Catalyst to Maturation


Jojo Hogan
Founder of Slow Postpartum

The Art of Slow Postpartum


Hope Corbin
Postpartum Care Practitioner, Holistic Maternal Wellness Coach

Cultivating Maternal Wellness to Prevent Postpartum Depression

Katie Asmus (Director, Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute) and Haaweatea Holly Bryson (Psychotherapist, Māori Healing Practitioner and Rites of Passage Guide)

Parenthood: A Rite of Passage

Breaking Current Barriers to Parental Thriving

LH headshot 2022

Lyndsey Hookway
Paediatric Nurse, Researcher, Gentle sleep and Parenting Advocate

How to Support Families with Sleep While Prioritizing Attachment and Responsive Feeding


Dr. Sophie Brock
Motherhood Studies Sociologist


Spotting Patriarchal Motherhood and What To Do About It


Rachelle Garcia Seliga
Traditional Midwife and Mother


Opinions vs. Physiologic Design: What Babies and Mothers Need to Thrive.

6.24.21 Darcia Narvaez by Matt Cashore USE

Prof. Darcia Narvaez

Professor Emerita of Psychology

What is Good for Babies: Evaluating Research and Baselines

Kimberly Ann Johnson_credit Shayan Ashgarnia

Kimberly Ann Johnson
Author, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Sexological Bodyworker

The New Frontier of Maternal Health Care: A Biosocial Approach 

The Potential of the Parental Brain

Greer Kirshenbaum Photo

Greer Kirshenbaum, PhD
Neuroscientist and Doula

Nurturing the Parent Brain

Laura Markham headshot

Dr. Laura Markham
Founder of Aha! Parenting and Author

How Parental Empathy Shapes Child Development


Kelly McDaniel
Licensed Professional Counselor and Author

Understanding Mother Hunger

Julia Jones

Julia Jones

Postpartum Doula Trainer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Igniting Intuition in Parents


Dr. Laura Gainche
Sleep Science and Holistic Sleep Educator

Using Science to Help Parents Attune to Their Child’s Sleep

As you can see by that incredible lineup, you are going to want to learn from them!


The Parental 1.0 Summit

Lifetime Access
  • 20 Presentations (Interview Style and Masterclasses Format)
  • Worksheets for each presentation
  • Downloadable audios for each presentation

You will come away with:

  • Deep and meaningful understanding of what parents and babies need to thrive.
  • Effective practices to build parental resiliency and flourishing.
  • A renewed sense of purpose in your role as the catalyst for parents to reach their potential.

Do not miss this incredible opportunity to update your knowledge! The content is yours to keep and consume at your own pace!

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It is for any professional that works with parents and their babies (ideal age 0-3). You will benefit from the summit if you are a midwife, childbirth education worker, doula, pediatrician, nurse, psychologist, parenting coach, lactation consultant, infant sleep consultant, facilitator of women´s circles or matrescence educator. 

You will get lifetime access to the 20 presentations listed on this page (some are interview style and others are masterclass style with slides, they range from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours approximately). To help you deepen your learning each presentation comes with a worksheet. You will also be able to download them in audio format. Finally, you will get the recordings of the live calls that I gave about each of the 4 themes.

There are closed captions available with all pre-recorded videos. The videos from the live calls do not have captions. 

Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses, we are not able to offer refunds for any reason. Please look through all the details before you purchase and email connect@newbornparents.net with any questions you have!

No problem! Shoot an email over to connect@newbornparents.net, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


The Parental 1.0 Summit

Lifetime Access
  • 20 Presentations (Interview Style and Masterclasses Format)
  • Worksheets for each presentation
  • Downloadable audios for each presentation

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