Parental Brain Mentoring Sessions

Gain unwavering confidence in your parenting by harnessing the power of your new brain

Are you struggling to navigate the challenges of parenthood and feeling overwhelmed by the changes in your life?

Parenting can be incredibly rewarding, but it also comes with its fair share of stress and uncertainty.

You may find it hard to understand the new you as a parent, deal with the daily challenges of meeting your baby’s needs and create a supportive network to help you on this journey.

Welcome to my Parental Brain Mentoring Sessions!

Personalized support to help you navigate the challenges of matrescence/patresence by harnessing the power of your parental brain.

The Parental Brain Coaching Sessions are for you if:

Real People: Laughing Black Mother and Baby Boy Head Shoulders

Benefits after the sessions:

Meet your Mentor


I’m Rocío (pronounced Roseeo).

I am a mom; I have a Ph.D. in neuroscience and have worked in academic labs for over 10 years. For more on my education and journey, read here.

I think is crucial that all parents and society gain knowledge about the parental brain and what are the conditions that it can thrive. 

It is my hope that with these sessions you will embrace the profound transformation that you are going through, gain access to your parental wisdom and parent from a place of well-being and confidence.

Are you ready to re-discover yourself?!

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Book your 1-1 60 Minute Session

Investment: 97€

What to expect:

  • After you book, I will send you a brief intake form to find out more about your specific situation
  • We will meet for one hour
  • The session will be completely tailored to your situation. I will weave parental brain science into our session and will apply it to your specific situation
  • I will write you an email summarizing the session and will include further resources for you to dive in
  • If you feel you would like to continue with future sessions, we can discuss the creating of a bespoke mentoring package

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