The Parental Brain for Professionals

Calling all professionals who are ready to unlock the power of the parental brain in their clients 

During parenthood, the brain undergoes a transformational journey, and knowing how to support this newfound brain power is ESSENTIAL for your practice.

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level and become a true catalyst for transformation in the lives of the families you serve?


Are you eager to shatter outdated myths and cultivate an evidence-based approach that truly supports parental and infant mental health?

If you answered yes, then you have come to the perfect place to grow your impact and create lasting change for the families you support.

After this learning journey with me, you will...


Apply the power of parental brain science to create a nurturing environment that allows parents to flourish and grow.


Gain the tools to help parents confidently navigate the myths and misconceptions that often cloud their judgement and instill in them an unwavering sense of confidence in their caregiving role.


Keep up with the latest research in the field of parental brain science and access knowledge that is not yet widely available, allowing you to provide the best possible care and support to the families you serve. 

It's time to get your ticket to gaining the latest insights and cutting-edge knowledge that will take your practice to new heights of transformational support and deeply fulfilling work!

Let's meet!

Why study with me?


I’m Rocío (pronounced Roseeo).

As a mom and a passionate neuroscientist, I believe that understanding and applying the incredible power of the parental brain can transform the lives of parents everywhere. With this course, you’ll unlock the secrets of this amazing science and take your practice to a whole new level!

My own journey as a parent and scientist has shown me just how transformative this knowledge can be. That’s why I’m so excited to share it with you and help you harness the power of the parental brain.

If you’re ready to join me on this incredible journey of discovery and growth, then let’s get started! I can’t wait to share all of the insights and knowledge that have made such a difference in my own life and in the lives of countless other parents.

Here is what is waiting for you inside

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A program that teaches you the nine principles of how the parental brain works to then apply them to your practice, elevate your impact and do justice to what you are called to do in your practice.

The Parental Brain Way

Unlike any other certification out there, this course is exclusively focused on the incredible journey that parents go through and how understanding their brain can help them flourish.

The groundbreaking principles you’ll learn in this course will allow you to bring a new level of understanding to your practice and transform the lives of the families you work with.

Thanks to my neuroscience background and training, I have synthesized hundreds of scientific papers and translated them into everyday language, so that you can benefit from the latest research without the struggle of deciphering academic jargon

You’ll have a wealth of information and resources at your fingertips so that science serves its ultimate purpose of making life –in this case, parenting—meaningful, joyful, and easier for your clients!


Are you ready to join me in this exciting journey of discovery and transformation?

Here is what your fellow practitioners have to say

The Parental Brain course was everything I expected and more. On both a personal and professional level, I grew so much. After having premature babies, and holding a lot of guilt around their start to life - the information Rocio shared was such a vindication and so healing for me. On top of that, I have so much to share with parents I'm working with - and I know that clients will receive so much more value after everything that Rocio taught us. Although parts can get technical, we always felt comfortable asking Rocio for clarification, and she made really complicated things so much more simple. I would recommend this course to any professional working with parents - this information is quite literally life changing ❤️
Hand and Hand Parenting Instructor (www.consciousconfidentparenting.co.za/)
I honestly cannot recommend this course enough, not only that it helped me on a personal level, understanding how my parental brain functions, and allowing me to connect on a deeper level with it, as I took the course in the end of my pregnancy and the early postpartum weeks. It literally helped me fall in love with my baby. It also helped me on a professional level, as I often work with mothers in the depth of sleep deprivation, often feeling inadequate, and often hearing they are making things up, and their responsiveness is to blame for their baby’s wakefulness. The information I gained in the course helped me reassure them, and empower them to know they are their baby’s best bet, and their parental brain is literally wired to nurture their baby and notice the smallest of details. Thank you Rocio for this opportunity!
Infant Sleep Specialist (www.khulood30odeh.wixsite.com/ourlearningnest)
I will definitely be able to apply all the information I’ve learned in my day-to-day practice as a pediatrician. I would 100% recommend this course. This course was so interesting. Rocío explains the research with simple words, very easy to understand, even if it was in English and I’m a Spanish speaker. The course is based on scientific evidence and it has an applied research part on each topic. Thanks Rocío for sharing all your wisdom.
Dr. Anna
Pediatrician (www.annaestape.com)
This course is truly life changing. I think that this course would benefit any practitioner working with parents, and is impactful for even their own knowledge. As a professional who works intimately with families, the focus is often solely on the baby- making changes, optimizing sleep, and looking as things holistically but even still the parents are often “second”. With Rocio’s course and information I am thrilled to have the tools, strategies and knowledge to empower parents with tangible ways to nurture their own brains and well-being while responsively parenting their little ones. I’m thrilled to have had this opportunity and would encourage anyone considering this course to take the leap!
Infant Sleep Specialist (www.raisedtoflourish.com)

What a more detailed peek at what's waiting for you?


Lessons: videos + manuals


Module 1: Introduction

  • Type of changes in the parental brain.
  • Anatomy of the parental brain.
  • How the human parental brain differs from the rest of the mammals.
  • A model of how it works.

Module 2: Pregnacy


  • Types of brain changes during pregnancy.
  • Association of brain changes to parental behavior.
  • Importance of brain changes.



Module 3: The Parental Caregiving Network

  • The parental caregiving network and its sub-networks.
  • Function of each sub-network (motivation, vigilance, emotion regulation and empathy networks).
  • How the human parental brain differs from the rest of the mammals.
  • The brains of mothers and fathers.

Module 4: The Environment

  • Sensitive periods.
  • How experiences during labor, birth, the hour after birth, and feeding influence the parental brain.
  • Time-dependent plasticity in the parental brain.

Module 5: Biobehavioral Synchrony

  • How infants and parents coordinate their physiology and behavior.
  • Importance of biobehavioral synchrony and how it develops over time.
  • Risks and protective factors to biobehavioral synchrony.

Module 6: Oxytocin


  • How oxytocin functions during the sensitive periods.
  • Pathways that activate oxytocin.
  • Intergenerational transmission of oxytocin functionality.

Module 7: Emotion Regulation and Empathy

  • Role of the emotion regulation network and how to fine-tune it.
  • Importance of co-regulation.
  • Role of the empathy network and how to fine-tune it.
  • The power of parental reflective function.
  • The science of mindful parenting.

Module 8: Attachment


  • Attachment and hidden regulators.
  • Attachment formation and implicit memory.
  • The role of the right hemisphere and limbic system in the parental brain.
  • How the parental brain shapes the infant brain.



Module 9: Intergenerational Legacy

  • Epigenetics and how it shapes the brain.
  • Intergenerational transmission of attachment styles.
  • Attachment styles in the parental brain.
  • Adult attachment and its influence on caregiving.

Module 10: Alloparents

  • The cooperative breeding hypothesis.
  • Cooperative breeding and the brain.
  • The brains of grandmothers.
  • Attachment formation with other caregivers.

Resource Vault

Harness the power of the parental brain with my comprehensive resource vault! 

You will gain access to a wealth of practical resources designed to empower you to create transformative experiences for your clients.

Over 17 practical resources to use with your 1-1 or group coaching sessions.

  • Bonding with your unborn baby (guide)
  • Preparing for labor and birth (guide and questionnaire)
  • Your parenting values (reflection to bring parenting values to light)
  • A commitment to your baby (reflection to commit to responsive care)
  • Feeding your baby with love (how to feed in an oxytocin rich way)
  • The importance of touch (how to trigger oxytocin via touch)
  • Mindfulness of emotion (self awareness practice to wire the emotion regulation network)
  • Developing your parental reflective functioning capacity (practice to wire the empathy network)
  • Top-down emotion regulation (practices to wire the emotion regulation network)
  • Bottom-up emotion regulation (practices to wire the emotion regulation network) 
  • Examining your childhood (questionnaire to use with parents)
  • Examining your attachment figures (questionnaire to use with parents)
  • Your infant’s memories (practice to build good implicit memories in infants)
  • Guide to create an attachment environment with extended family (with extra resource to give to extended family member)
  • Create your support network (guide to build a support network)
  • Choosing a caregiver or daycare (guide and questionnaire when choosing other caregivers)
  • Attachment formation with a new caregiver (guide to transition infant to the care of another)

1-on-1 Office Hours


Get your specific questions answered, talk to me about your practice and what you are passionate about, or let’s have a coffee and just nerd on research, on matrescence, on nurture, you name it. You will up to two hours of office hours (they must be used within 6 months of purchase).

Private Student Community

 An exclusive online group to ask questions, get feedback, and connect with fellow professionals.

More from colleagues in your field...

This course has been fantastic! I have been blown away by how much our brains change as we become parents and Rocio has a lovely way of breaking down the complex research into easy to understand concepts. Rocio is so generous with her teachings and her passion for sharing this knowledge shines through in every call. This course is a must all practitioners who are working with parents!
Hypnobirthing and Matrescence Teacher (www.motherglow.co)
I cannot say enough good things about Rocio's Parental Brain course. It is well put together, concise, and full of useful information. Not only does Rocio gather and explain the research around parent-baby neuroscience, she also makes it easy to implement. She provides helpful guides to use with clients and discusses ways to apply the research in our practice. If you work with parent-baby dyads in any capacity, Rocio's course is an absolute must-have! Thanks Rocio!!
Infant Sleep Specialist (www.newparadigmmotherhood.podia.com)
The knowledge I gained from The Parental Brain for Professionals course not only confirmed many instinctual beliefs I had but most importantly will help me be a better parenting mentor to expecting and new parents. Rocio is a wealth of information, her Parental Brain for Professionals course is a gold mine. I’m a child development expert and learning from Rocio has just intensified my mission to support parents of young children, starting at conception. I really enjoyed how Rocio distills the scientific data into bite-size comprehensible knowledge that I can actually apply and transmit to parents. The course exceeded my expectations, from the fascinating data to how to apply this knowledge concretely.
Parenting Mentor Birth to Six, Montessori Home, and School Consultant and Host of The Art of Parenting podcast (www.voilamontessori.com)
I really enjoyed the Parental Brain course; so many useful nuggets to share with parents. I love learning about the science behind why it makes sense to keep infants close to their parents, and how doing so supports the changes that parents' brains undergo as part of the process of nurturing their babies. Rocio is knowledgeable and passionate about the topic and on top of that is a delightful person to impart this learning. She has created a wealth of resources to complement the course material which will no doubt come in useful in my own work with parents. I signed up to this course at the last minute and am so glad I did! Thank you Rocio!
Doula, Lactation Consultant, Holistic Sleep Coach (& Mum of 3!) (www.triciaking.co.uk)
Rocio has provided excellent resources and is always open to seeing what else she can incorporate into her programs to make them better and is open-hearted and open-minded enough to learn from her students too. It was an absolute pleasure learning from Rocio. Being as highly educated and well-versed as she is as a neuroscientist, she is incredibly humble and down to earth too. She is approachable, flexible and accommodating in her approach in the course. I truly appreciate having been able to learn from her in a small cohort. I recommend her programs to anyone seeking this important information.
Master Certified Parenting Coach (www.ashleyanjlienkumar.net)
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This course is perfect for you if

Cherry on the cake BONUS!

Masterclass Nurturing the Infant Brain

with Neuroscientist Greer Kirshenbaum, PhD


This masterclass is the perfect companion to the course.

You will learn:

  • How the infant brain develops
  • How the infant stress system is different from the adult stress system
  • What happens in the infant stress system when there is co-regulation vs no co-regulation
  • How is the infant brain influenced by nurture


With the parental brain knowledge you are getting from this course plus infant brain knowledge from her amazing masterclass, you will become extraordinary in your practice and help shape the mental health of the next generation!

Expiring BONUS

The Parental Brain Method Workshop


I know that you have seen this scenario: a parent trying to do their best for their baby but getting confused and overwhelmed because there is so much advice out there from experts, books, and social media.

How do you feel when you see this?

Discouraged? Sad? Disheartened?

You want to help but you don’t want to give yet another prescriptive advice or sound admonishing! 

What if I told you that you can get them unstuck without giving yet another prescriptive advice?

This is exactly what you will learn in the parental brain method workshop!

You will learn my method of 4 steps that I created by applying parental brain science principles, and be able to use it in one-one or group coaching sessions. 

After working with you, parents are going to be able to filter advice through their parental brain and remember that working with you was transformative ✨

Expiring BONUS

Course Fine-tuning the Parental Brain to Support Infant Sleep


As you will learn in the course, the parental brain becomes very malleable.

This means that it is at a prime stage for learning, change and growth. Which in turn means that it is possible to harness its power to support infant sleep!

This course is perfect for you if you are a sleep coach or if you find that parents ask you about sleep in your practice.

I will teach you exactly what I do in my coaching sessions with parents so that you can do it too!

You will learn the components that come into place so that parents can get to a place where they can support infant sleep without burnout and overwhelm.


Investment: € 499

Limited Time Offer: € 102 OFF

Get the program for just € 397!

Pay in full or split pay and still get the discount! (€ 198.50 X2)

The Parental Brain for Professionals

Learn to cultivate the space parents need to blossom applying parental brain science
  • 10 Modules: Video lessons + manuals
  • Resource Vault: Over 17 practical resources to use with clients
  • One-on-one Office Hours
  • Online Student Community
  • BONUS: Guest Masterclass Nurturing the Infant Brain
  • Expiring BONUS: Workshop The Parental Brain Method
  • Expiring BONUS: Extra Course Fine-tuning the Parental Brain to Support Infant Sleep
  • Lifetime Access to content + access to future updates

Equity opportunity: Do you live in a country where the currency exchange makes the price inaccessible (e.g., you live in Africa and earn in the local currency) or are you a university student? Let´s talk! (although no full scholarships at the moment). Email me at connect@newbornparents.net or DM on Instagram

The Buzz is genuine! Check out the love I get from students

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Imagine a world...

  • Where parents have the knowledge, support and resources they need to thrive
  •  That prioritizes and values nurturing and co-regulation
  • That embodies the wisdom of “how to” for human flourishing
With the latest advances in neuroscience, we ALREADY have the knowledge to make this a reality. 
We just need to EMBED it into our culture. 
This is where YOU come.

Join me in this movement and be a catalyst for change 💥✨

Words from More People that Joined the Movement

The Parental Brain course is a requirement for all professionals working with parents and children. The information has been useful to me personally and professionally as it includes facts, some fascinating information about parents and babies that I can’t wait to share in my program. The course also provides insight into the adaptability of parent’s brain through pregnancy and upon arrival of baby and much more. The course, materials and videos are packed with excellent, in-depth information from the knowledgeable instructor Rocio. I love the way she has organized the materials; it is easy to follow her videos, manuals, and resources. She has gone above and beyond to create this course and added many research studies to present her findings. Rocio has also included two 1-1 meetings with her that can be scheduled at our convenience. She can be reached by email, and it truly feels good to receive a reply back from her. Other than the invaluable course, what impressed me most is Rocio's humbleness, dedication, and enthusiasm to share her knowledge and findings. One can see her genuineness and passion in sharing her course with the world. The Parental Brain course is an invaluable course for professionals who can share Rocio’s teachings and support parents in understanding parent-child growth & relationships, the uniqueness of parents’ own brain development while learning to be in sync with their babies/children's brain development and growth. I highly recommend this informative and affordable course to professionals.
Mother of two beautiful children, passionate about working with moms, parents & their babies through my UMA Program that includes HypnoBirthing, Coaching, Infant Massage, & Yoga for pregnant moms (www.kaurobipandit.com)

I got A's for your Q's

Being a family of 4 plus my work, I am the first to understand how busy you are!

If you do one module a week (which can take you 1-2 hours a week to properly digest the information) you will be done in 10 weeks. So, in just 10 weeks or less you will be able to fully incorporate parental brain science to your practice 🧠💥

Join me on this exciting journey of discovery and let’s make a difference in the world of parental and infant mental health together!


You get: 10 modules with 10 video lessons (they range from 20 min to aproximately 1 hour, depending on the topic) + 10 manuals with all the science.  Access to a resource vaull with over 17 practical resources to use with clients, access to an online community, and  up to 2 hours of one-on-one sessions with me (they must be used within months of purchase). As a bonus you get a guest masterclass on the infant brain by Dr. Kirshenbaum. 

As soon as you enroll, you’ll be sent a welcome email with your username and password to access The Parental Brain for Professionals. Then, everything is yours & you can get started right away!

The course has both elements. The course content itself is recorded so you can learn at your own pace. You’ll get instant access to all the course material, manuals and resources.

But I want to be present during your learning journey, and that’s why you also get up to 2 hours of 1–1 sessions with me to answer any questions you may have or just nerd out on science! 

You can also use the student community to ask questions and networking.

Yes, you will get all the support you need in the 1–1 sessions or you can email me with questions and also post in the online community.

If you are not satisfied with the course, I would be VERY curious as to why and would like to have a heart-to-heart, honest conversation with you. 

If you are not happy with the content please email me within 3 days of purchase so that we can talk about it. I may refund you based on our conversation.

YES, you will get lifetime access. The 1–1 sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase.

Yes, you can pay in two installments in two months: 198.50 X 2 while still benefing from the discount! 🥳

To write a review/discussion of a scientific article on parental brain science and write a case study where you applied the science and/or use the resources from the course. I provide you with all the guidelines.

I used to not have a deadline, but I decided to have a flexible deadline of one year just because I think some people need it in order to finish the course. Although I know how busy you are, so I am flexible about it. The course materials and knowledge acquired in the course can be used by you without submitting the course requirements. When you complete the requirements, you will receive a certification of completion of the course.

Are you ready to dive deep into the fascinating science of the parental brain and make a difference with your work of love?


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