Nurture YOURSELF to nurture infant sleep

You want to support your infant's sleep, but at times you feel:

Sometimes it feels impossible, and you have no idea how you are going to make it.

What if I told you that

You CAN support your infant’s sleep needs without so much struggle?

This is possible thanks to your malleable parental brain.

Your parental brain is at a prime stage for learning, change and growth. In this workshop, I will show you how to harness its power so that you can nurture your infant’s sleep without the emotional overwhelm and burnout.

You will have 1 year access to the recording so that you can watch it at your own pace. You will be able to ask me questions by email. Furthermore, you will be given an outline plus resources with the exercises I will suggest.


Watch on demand. Duration: about 2 hours in short and easy to digest videos.

Cost: 47 EUR


Black Friday Sale: 33 EUR only for next 24 hours

You will learn how to

Thank you so much Rocio for this outstanding workshop ! All the information I've learned today is new. I have never seen it anywhere else ! I love how this workshop is about the caregiver not the baby! Everywhere you turn they tell you to train the baby!! Whether it's to sleep, self soothe and everything else in the poor baby's life! I'm suffering from postpartum depression/anxiety and this workshop saved me! This is everything my heart is telling me despite all the information in the society and social media. I love how the focus is on the mom. It's like a journey to create a better version of us for our babies.
Mom to a 7-month-old baby
I attended Rocio´s course and I found it really interesting. A completely different point of view that helps parents empower themselves and show you a different way to take care of your kids when it comes to sleep. I suggest you to attend this workshop to feel more empowered and to learn how our brains work and how important our emotions are when we talk about infant sleep
Chiara (@sweetdreamsmum)
Gentle Sleep and Parenting Coach, mom of two
From instagram: Hi Rocio, just a quick message to say that I watched you nurturing infant sleep webinar and absolutely loved it. You have put together such an incredibly informative and reassuring resource. Thank you for your work ❤️
Mom to an 8-month-old baby daughter

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