Infant Sleep Support 

How to nurture your baby´s night time needs and get better sleep yourself

Your baby sleep behavior puzzles you and worries you

You are exhausted and you don´t know how to cope

  • Your baby won´t sleep in the crib or bassinet.
  • Your baby only naps in arms.
  • You are bombarded with messages such as “he has to learn to self-soothe” “you are creating bad habits” “your baby should be sleeping through the night by X months of age”
  • You are tired of googling conflicting information about infant sleep.
  • Despite what your parenting brain is telling you, you feel you have no choice but to let him cry so he can learn to sleep. 

I am here to tell you that

  • Your baby´s sleep behavior is normal, and that is driven my powerful biological mechanisms that evolved over millions of years to help her thrive.
  • Quality sleep IS possible and that you can achieve this without letting your baby cry. 
  • Your exquisitely designed parenting brain is equipped to appropriately nurture her night time needs.

My Approach

I offer an alternative to cry-based behavior modification techniques. I specialize in the neuroscience of infant development, the brain changes experienced in the caregivers and how to take advantage of them, and attachment theory. 

I use a humanistic approach that will encourage you to honor your baby’s nocturnal needs while meeting your own needs for rest and sleep. 

I will give you practical tips and sleep solutions that are based on high quality information about infant sleep neuroscience, and that will nurture and protect the development of secure attachment in your baby.

  • More quality sleep
  • More rest and less stress for the whole family
  • Increases in self-confidence when you find out why your baby sleeps that way
  • Validation of your experience

You will love my approach if

You will not like my approach if

  • You are committed to nurture and protect a secure attachment relationship in your baby.
  • You believe that a baby´s cry is communication and that you should do your absolute best to meet her needs being day or night.
  • You value night time nurturing and want to find ways to balance your needs with your baby´s needs.
  • You want to parent in a way that is aligned with your long-term goals.
  • You are aware of the importance of flexibility in parenting.

You will not like my approach if

  • You want your baby to sleep through the night.
  • You are looking for gentle sleep training methods as I do not use any type of cry-based behavioral modifications.
  • You want to follow a rigid schedule and want to  have your baby´s sleep tightly controlled.


Most frequent questions and answers

There is a possibility but most likely she will not as it is biologically normal for babies and toddlers to wake up through the night and often need a reliable caregiver to help them link sleep cycles.

That being said, I will show you strategies that help you get good quality sleep despite your baby needing you at night. 

While I take into account the uniqueness of your specific family situation and sleep challenge when supporting you, I cannot guarantee you a specific result. This is why, before hiring my service I give you the opportunity to contact me to discuss your goals. If I don´t think I can help you, I will be up front about it. Once you have chosen the service, fees are non-refundable.

If you like my approach it is very likely that you will experience the benefits I explained above.


That will depend on your specific situation and baby.  There are tips that once you implement them, can help you immediately, while other strategies may take some time (from weeks to months).

If you are committed to nurture and protect the attachment relationship with your baby being day or night, but you are at a loss and are not quiet sure how to cope with the sleep challenges, we are good fit as protecting the nurturing relationship between caregiver and baby is the foundation of my approach. 

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